Where I Live: The Kitchen

At the top you can see the global village I’ve been building on my kitchen counter. I really like the two blue houses, the others don’t match, though the pinkish one is kind of close to the look of the blue ones. The other one, with the straw roof, is some guy who wanted to build a weirdly UK looking house on the middle of that basically Canadian looking street. (Yes, I have too much time to myself).

Next is my pretty pink oven mitt. I had two neon pink mitts and pot holders but they were amoung the things that went missing before I finished moving down here. Too bad cause the striped pink one was just from the Dollar Store the others were more expensive and thicker.

Then, the last photo, is that expensive, deluxe can opener which should be made of some valuable gemstones or other for the price I ended up paying. My original can opener was also among the missing so I had to buy a new one. I thought it should have a photo too, if only because it’s over priced and pink.

I bought Godiva coffee today, a splurge while I was at the Scarborough Town Centre today. I bought the chocolate one today and the Cream Brulee is the leftovers from the one I bought before Christmas.

Are you having fun yet? Glad you came? Well, good… cause I have more.

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