When it Says “Free Download” and Means It

I think this is the second time I have been fooled into downloading this software from HP when I have bought new ink for my printer. It is really annoying! I would actually like software to create and print egreetings (greeting cards and postcards for online selling). So I download this, thinking it’s free and how great that will be. I install it, open it and try it… only to find I can’t do much with anything I create. You can save the file but you can’t export it out of the HP Creation software. 
So, that makes it kind of useless, unless you pay for the export feature. There are other features you can pay for, of course. 
Thanks HP. But, I made the mistake of looking your gift horse in the mouth. This is one gift I will uninstall. (Are you now feeling suspicious and thinking about spyware? Me too.)