When Dust Bunnies Attack Your Computer!

It’s a regular kind of morning, you’ve made your coffee and you sit in front of the computer. You’ll probably check email first or just check email before you get ready for work. But, when you turn it on… you get a massive disk error and the only sounds in the room are your own bated breaths and the ominous clicking coming from inside your computer tower/ case.

Are you prepared? Do you have your important and essential stuff backed up? Or will you now lose family photos, information you saved about everything under the sun and all your bookmarks too?

It can happen to you! It happened to me this weekend. I got lucky and it finally did start up again. After I tipped it over to look for the serial numbers when I gave it another try it worked. I think the little needle which operates my hard drive must have been pushed off it’s setting by one of the dust bunnies hiding in my computer tower. I should open it up and clean it but I’m delaying touching it at all now. I dare not even look at it the wrong way until I have the last of all my photos cleared out of there and burned onto a fresh DVD.

Heed this warning – back up your computer files today! Don’t let the dust bunnies mess you up!

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