What’s So Special About You?

Do you have a moral obligation to help another person?

You’re waiting at the bus stop. It’s a cold wintery day and the bus is likely running late again. There are three people in the bus shelter, not you as they were already all crowded in there when you arrived and none of them moved enough for you to get in. So you’re not feeling especially freindly towards any of them.

One of the women just keels over, falling to the floor of the bus shelter. The others inside there look down at her but just ignore her. Are you obligated to step in there and help her?

Yes, in all the movies everyone rushes to do the right thing. In reality it’s cold and you’re the coldest of all the people standing at the stop. You’re tired, your purse is new and you really don’t want to put it down in the snow. One of those other women is likely to walk off with it if you give them half a chace.

Really, why should YOU have to do it?

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