What Writing Related Life Hack do you Use?

Curvy Girl Guide asked: “We want to know what items make your life easier. Not counting your phone what life hacks do you use?”

I thought about it for a while and then wrote:

My old TV tray. I use it to sort out the mail in the morning. I use it to sort through stuff that would otherwise clutter my home office desk. I can bring my mini laptop to it and work on small stuff or catch up with family. I like not having to be in the home office for personal computer time. At night I will sometimes set my coffee on the TV tray while I make dinner in the kitchen, keeps it out of my way and yet within reach. I even eat on the TV tray some nights. It’s almost a mini home office, but far more casual and I don’t get crumbs on my desktop computer!

The old TV tray is kind of neat really. I use it more than I realized. It’s just simple, a small flat tray with legs that fold underneath it and then the top falls down to the side. Mine is wood, a secondhand/ thrift store find. I spray painted it with silver colour a few years ago. It could use another round of paint as the wear and tear are showing. But, it’s sturdy and reliable. Not something I’d want to use my desktop computer on but it’s perfect for the mini laptop and whatever accessories (like my scanner or the digital camera) I want to use with it.

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