What NOT to Do

Sometimes people do things they haven’t really thought through. I’m not immune to it. But, we should learn from the mistakes of others, especially the really bad mistakes.

Here are two I’ve come across recently:


I get a lot of these. The irony being that my contact form states pretty clearly that I don’t want guest posts. The reasons I don’t want guest posts are illustrated pretty clearly in this (above) image cut and pasted from my email account. Would you be interested in a guest post from this person?

Not only are there errors which spellcheck would have caught, but, this email is a duplicate to countless others I have received. They can’t read my note about guest posts – or choose to ignore it. They can’t write or spell. They do seem to love sending duplicate content however. So, I think this is a pretty glaring example of what NOT to do when asking to guest post.


Maybe it’s time to rethink your support plan when you give people a link claiming to be support but make it “noreply”. I do like the PHP Link Directory software and I want to consider doing more with it, but… this email promoting their new version wasn’t too smart. Yes, they give me links to follow but… I don’t want to follow links, I want to email someone. Unfortunately, not being able to email someone makes me feel they are very hands-off when it comes to support. This IS a BIG problem for me.

I don’t want customer support that sends me links to watch videos, or links to create a support ticket and get in line to wait for the auto rely… I want a human being to answer my email. I don’t mind if they take a few days to get back to me. However, in this case, there is no support. This is another example of what NOT to do when providing customer support.

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