What Makes you Weepy?

ASCIItearsFor some reason I am “sensitive” this week. Must be something going on inside my head that I don’t know about. This afternoon I have Cupcake Wars on the TV as I work. (I’m not one of those who puts on music to work to, nope, for me it is TV. Which is kind of odd considering I don’t really like TV that much.) Anyway, one of the women bakers was not getting a good review from the judges. She had a bit of a tear, trying to be stoic, funny how that can just make it worse. Watching her cry made me start to get teared up and leaky. Silly.

When was the last time someone else cried and made you cry? What was it about, what was happening? Was it someone you actually know or someone you were just watching? Write about someone who cries when other people cry. How do they feel about being ‘weepy’?

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