What It Really Is Like to be a Work-at-Home Writer

I’m kind of frustrated. I had a GREAT idea for a post. It was all floating around in my head, all the bits coming together to create THE IDEA. Then the phone rang – something about a survey about the furnace for the home owner. I was annoyed. I got rid of them.

I got back to my idea, it took a few minutes to get the creative energy back. Just as I typed out my title for the post – the freaking phone rings. I only answer because my brother is supposed to be calling this afternoon. This call is the local library with an automated message about an overdue book. I already know about that!!!

Now, aggravated… I try to recapture the mood and spirit for my post. I almost get there…. when the phone rings. It’s something about winning a free trip. I less than gently mention we are on the flucking DO NOT CALL list and the asswipe hangs up on me. Now I am far from in the right mood to write my post and all I have is the title – How to Love the World Again.

I hope your day is going better.


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