What is a BlogWhore?


I noticed the BlogWhore thing a week ago. I went to check it out but never really found any answer to the universal question…. “What is a blogwhore?”

*sigh* Why did I ever expect the universe to co-operate. Silly me.

Anyway, Liz is in the running to be a blogwhore. She must certainly know what a blogwhore is. Mabye, she’ll whisper the secret to me.

One thing, her blog is sucking the life out of my web connection. Only a true blog whore would have that many big files on her pages. I may lack a lot of sophistication and technical wizardry but my blog loads in a few seconds.

Is that something to be proud of? Oh well, take it where you can get it. 😉

This was in Liz’s blog. GeoURL, another way to find bloggers in your neighbourhood.

I put the link and graphic on my front page.

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