What if you had 72 Hours to Transform your City?

I read a blog post entitled “What if you had 72 Hours to Transform your City?” Does that inspire you? I began to get ideas about re-routing buses, moving bars out of the downtown area and putting in something to attract families to the beach (which is also downtown here).

If you could change your town or city in any way and in many ways, what would you do?

72 Hour Urban Action

A hundred designers, 10 urban challenges, very little money, and no sleep. That’s the recipe for 72 Hour Urban Action, a three-day marathon for designers to improve their city. Founder Kerem Halbrecht first debuted the concept at the Bat-Yam Biennale of Landscape Urbanism in Israel in September, where 120 participants working in 10 teams got three days and three nights to solve problems in public spaces.

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