Well… Here Be Me

It is after midnight, the time when ghosts rove about, picking on foolish mortals. The time when all good Witches are busily, industriously stirring their cauldrons or joy riding on broomsticks. The time when… all good grrls are snugly in their beds. So, here I am, not in bed, am I? What does that tell you!

I am annoyed with my Internet connection. I am kindly paying the jumped up fee of $40 a month to have the mystical, magical DSL connection. Yet, except for the odd moment, I feel I am still on dial up. I’m typing this, waiting for my connection to catch up and show me the letters I’m typing. True, I type fast, not that fast however. When I can’t see my typing I make mistakes and have to go back and fix them. This is annoying. It makes me punish my poor innocent keyboard. I glare at the flashing lights of the DSL modem sitting on top of my tower. Then there are those really self important, smug icons sitting in the bar down below. I can see them as I type. They just remain dark, tormenting me with the odd, random flash, just to humour me. No matter how many times I tell it to “MOVE!” in a nice way, it just ignores me. No doubt it laughs once I have given up and gone to bed.

I was at Focus again today. Not hugely productive. But, I do know what I need to do to get the next application going. This one is for the Professional Writer certificate course, online learning. She isn’t sure it will be accepted. She says it will be a hard one. But, so few things I do are easy. It’s like I look for the hard nut to crack, just to see if I am the one who can pull the mighty sword from the stone. How silly of me. But, you can’t get away from yourself. Each time you stop, there she is, that same silly woman.

I’ve thought about the plus side of having a split personality before. One of me could have all the silly, useless stuff and the other could be that perfect woman hiding out waiting for the silly one to cut it out. We just don’t get that kind of option though. It says on the lease, only one occupant.

So, here I am, still. Surrounded by options, waiting for me to find out how to become my own Calvary.

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