I wear glasses, also known as spectacles. This year I am aged 55 years and still a woman. People, some of them, think women don’t explore. Those people are misled. I am surprised when someone is surprised that I still get out and explore, photographing old places, mainly in rural Ontario. Although, other than Toronto, a lot of Ontario seems fairly rural, or has melded into a suburb of Toronto.

I grew up in a Toronto suburb. Originally, it was a lot of trees and water and some animals, well before that it was all a lot of gas. How far back do you want to go? Less long ago, it was a town, village, called Port Union. Scarborough absorbed it. I was never happy about that. Even as a child I didn’t like seeing history lost. I doubt many people now living there know it used to be Port Union. I don’t count, because I don’t live there any more. After the high school years I moved around. I have lived all over southern Ontario and visited most of the rest of it. I also lived in the US and the Dominican Republic for awhile. Different culture experiences. I would still like to visit more of the world but – when you’re young you don’t have the money and when you have the money you have somehow become old and less inclined to venture afar.

But, I still do, in my own way. Always, in my own way.

This site will display my photographs, experiences, discoveries and ideas current, ongoing and as far back as I can still find photographs I have taken.

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