Welcome to the Day

I’m going to try writing Morning Pages (again). I haven’t looked up the official rules in awhile. I think it was intended to be written long-hand but I’m ignoring that rule. I’m such a rebel that way. This morning I’m too tired for long-hand.

My brother is coming over. So I got up early, even before the alarm clock went off. I scurried around to tidy up. Does anyone else have a brother who is actually tidier than they are? Not that I don’t like things tidy, I just keep putting off the actual doing of the tidying. Anyway, I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, got boots straighted at the door, made coffee, moved a pile of books, and assorted other stuff that keeps sounding pretty lame as I’m writing this list. Why do I now feel tired?

I felt pretty perky when I woke up. I began planning my day. Planning what I would write here. Then I began working, got dressed, stuck my hair out of my face. Now, I’m just waiting for Graham to get here, the men who are coming to photograph the renovations to the basement and the other men (I’m only presuming they are men) who will be picking up the bag of clothing for donations which I also scurried around with this morning.

Do you know how creative you need to be to have an X on a plastic garbage bag? You can’t draw it on with marker. I’ve been there before. I picked cardboard from a piece of junkmail out of the recycling and cut an X out of it. Then I taped it to the bag. Now, I’m not sure if they said to leave the bag at the end of the driveway or not. I don’t want it picked up as garbage. No, it’s not garbage day but there are a lot of people who come along and look through anything put out here. I think they mainly want glass and such which they can get paid for. Still, that bag is out there for a purpose and – I don’t want them phoning me to complain that I had nothing to pick up when I said it would be there.

I have this thing where I feel at fault for everything already. I don’t need more.

Anyway, the man is here to do the photos. My brother is here showing him the basement so I can have my coffee like a good working zombie. Maybe I can have a nap later, if I’m sneaky about it.

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