Weekend Stuff

bookgrrlTomorrow is the BookCrossing meeting. It’s the first one I will actually get to. I even know the place it’s at. I was there for a breakfast date a month ago. It was nice enough and near the subway so that’s a plus. I am looking at which books to take. The evite said romance books and I have enough of those I’ve finished reading and have yet to take back. I am looking forward to seeing what books people bring to trade. Not sure how we will find each other there. I was there on a Saturday before and it was big and busy too. Somehow it will work out.

My brother is coming on here on Sunday and I think we are going to Alliston for a few days after that. He has the house for sale and hopes to get more stuff taken out of there so it looks emptier (and cleaner). Maybe we will get stuff and I will make a lasagna for us. Those are always nice and will last a few days if we are there awhile.

Not much other news. I had the job interview and the new bed is here and I assembled it. Looking forward to not being an ice cube when I got to bed tonight. I thought about setting the bed up so I could watch TV in bed but it didn’t quite work out that way.

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