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Games of Destruction Inspire Me to Write

I admit I’m a procrastinating web writer. There should be a club or group for us – but we’d all be playing games or claim to be writing.

If I were all good and noble and proper, I’d play word games. Games that might put me in the writing mood, get me thinking along the lines of words and using those words to form sentences. Well, I do play some word games, you can’t take the words out of the writer, but I really enjoy city building sort of games. I like the type of games where you can build things up and then destroy them on a whim. It’s the evil in me.

Of course, some of the games I especially like are all about destruction, right from the start you begin as the destroyer. I haven’t analyzed why I like these games, it’s better not to know I think.

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Introducing… The Games of Destruction and Zombies

The following are my favourite games of online destruction. They are simple to play as far as the actual game play. You don’t need to jump around the screen or use a lot of keys to create the action. These games happen in your own mind – these are games you have to think about.

Infectionator is deceptively simple. You need some planning to get a great score.Or you can play without caring about your score – it’s fun that way too.




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