Walking on the Blog Fire

I’ve nearly got things fixed up again with the template. Now I don’t know why I got stirred up to make changes at all. But, I do have the three columns again. Will see if I can leave it for awhile longer this time.

Trying to decide what to do about the blogs I’m blogging. I really think of this one as a personal blog for whatever comes along. I’ve been really slack on journalling though.

I already keep Word Grrls for writing and sort of blogging stuff. But it wandered off on it’s own and has been just writing prompts of almost a year now, maybe longer. Should I stack it with all the blogging stuff that I think up and get the blogging stuff out of the personal blog here? I’m leaning towards that.

Doodle Week has it’s focus so that’s not one I need to mess with. But I could post more about drawing, maybe. Do I really want to take on more and give myself more to do in a blog that is ok how it is. I don’t think so.

Anyway, back to coding. I should be able to put all my sidebar clutter back now and not have it get eaten. Don’t you wish Blogger would fix it so the widgets don’t get killed off every time you change the template!

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