Virtual Kissing

virtualkisscomToday for the A – Z Blogging Challenge… K is for Kiss

The Virtual Kiss site has been around for many years. I’ve sent virtual kisses to Todd while he was my boyfriend and then my husband. I think I even sent him one after the divorce. That’s a lot of years for one virtual card site to keep going.

Have a look at the style of kisses you can send. Send one to someone. Everyone has someone they can send a kiss to, for one reason or another. (Of course, my Irish luck, that the kissing booth is down for a week while they move servers.)

Invent a kiss. Maybe a divorce kiss. A kiss for good luck. Or a kiss for best wishes on a long trip. Each virtual kiss is a graphic with the focus being a huge pair of lips. So, in that style, create a new one for the site. Create a few and even send in your ideas.

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