Valentine Just Because I Can

I am gorging myself on Valentines Day stuff because I can. Some may think it’s an obsession, so what. I’m having fun. It’s about the only time of the year I feel it’s ok to be girlie. Not that I go around wearing makeup and stick thin, skyscraper high heels, I just like the pretty colours and wishy washy sentiment. Romance is not dead it’s just hibernating.

Now, all the women who read HappyandBlue‘s blog should find a decent ecard site and send him a Valentine. Mushy or friendly or humourous, just surprise the guy. Just because.

PS- John Dunford …. I definitely want an eValentine and a lengthy email from you.

Hershey‘s has nice Valentine epostcards.

Maxtango is a site for sharing your own designer email cards. I’m signing up just for fun but so far the sign up thing is screwing up and I can’t register.

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