Use Every Colour, Make Mistakes

From Ben Spark’s post: Use Every Color in Your Box of Crayons (treat yourself, read the whole post):

I think that we are so afraid to make mistakes. We don’t take chances with those additional colors in the box of crayons. If I took bloggers, for example, I’d say that the people who are making the biggest differences are those who have a box full of broken and peeled crayons. The box is ripped and there are marks of every color all over it. These are people who take big risks and in return make big mistakes but also make some incredibly big wins.

I think it is important to keep trying new things in the layout, content, style and even the niche of your blog. Don’t be afraid to try new topics, a new slant on an old one and don’t think you can only write about each topic one time. If you are inspired by something you see translate it into your own work, whether it is a blog graphic or an idea for a new post, or something completely different, try it your way.

People who get blog burn out are those who try to appeal to readers so much they lose themselves. The blog becomes a chore to please others and there is nothing left there that you (the producer/ creator) really want. It is empty of life. You may have traffic and ads that are making some money but the passion, the creative flair and the life are sucked dry.

Try some weird colours from your crayon box. Use them for mad science experiments and wild, grand adventures. It’s your blog! Remember.

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