Unlofting Your Big Goals

It’s kind of easy to have a high and mighty, lofty goal in the future. It seems so far ahead of us, almost out of reach. Makes it easy to set the big goal on a pedestal, on the backburner, procrastinate and possibly lose sight of it completely.

Do something each week to acknowledge your big goals, even if they are too far ahead to do anything towards achieving them right now. Keep them active in your mind, where they don’t get lost in the clutter of everyday things, smaller goals and all the steps you are taking to the big goal.

Little things can mean a lot. Post a note about your big goal on your bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, somewhere you will see it regulary and make sure you actually read it rather than becoming blind to it. Put your goal as a label on a penny jar and each time you add your pennies to the jar, see your goal posted there. (When the jar is ful spend the pennies!)  Reorganize the books on your shelf to spell out something related to your goal when you use the first letters of the titles. You get the idea, it doesn’t have to be something too crazy, just keep your big goals as something real versus something lofty and out of reach.

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