Today LilFunky, my current blog tenant, is writing about unicycling.

Have you ever seen anyone on a unicycle outside of a magician or circus performer? I have. When I lived in the Rouge one of the older boys on our street had a unicycle. I thought it was amazing. Any time I noticed him out there I would be watching from the front steps, driveway or the big window in the dining room of our house. He almost never fell off. I guess he practiced somewhere other than the street before he took it on the road.

I was riding a bike at the time. My brother and I went off on grand adventures in an abandoned golf course that used to be near our area. (Now it’s all new houses). Still, there was something different about the unicycle. It wasn’t about keeping balance it was about having nothing to do with your hands and the whole lack of steering mechanisms. He would steer by kind of twisting his body and giving a little hop. But, the most interesting thing was to watch his hands and arms. There really was not much to do once you had your balance. I think he could have read a book or played video games just to give his hands something to do.

There is a Toronto Unicycling group. Maybe you have one in your area should you be inspired to unicycle.

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