Unexpected News from a Fortune Cookie

Good cheer will lighten your burdens

I have the good cheer is that why I keep getting burdens? Funny how a fortune cookie just gives you these little tidbits and leaves you hanging for the real answers.

Things are slow in the man-stalking project. I found his postal code but no apartment number. Kind of useless to send a card that way. I was writing out my Xmas cards (just addressing the envelopes so far) and I do still have three blank ones. One could be sent to Mr. Pirate Smile. If I knew his full address. I have two days off work starting now pretty much. I was thinking about taking the bus out to Zellers and seeing if Mr. Pirate Smiley’s place is on that part of the street. I could just wander into the lobby and take a look for the mailbox of a certain pirate. I don’t think you can get arrested for that. Funny to be concerned when here I am Madame Trespasser when it comes to the abandoned houses.

I know I’m not the only romantic geek woman. But, it does seem silly to create a whole scene in my mind where the pirate smile and the trespasser are making muffins at home on a cold winter’s day. It was nice. Fun and he was quite lovely. Not a great baker… but he smiled a lot and that made up for his lack of skill with muffins. Silly, but it was nice. Something to do when you’re pretty much stuck at work for 8 hours. Better than thinking about how aggravating it is to be without a car, still.

Also, in spite of what they tell you, I don’t see how taking the bus/ taxi route is saving money compare to having a car. I’m spending $20 a day for bus/taxi to get back and forth to work. A tank of gas for the car might be more than that but it would last a lot longer than one day. I could even get to the grocery store, take a road trip and still have enough gas for the week of going back and forth to work. I wish my brother would get the lead out of his tank and let me get on with the car situation. I think I’m going to end up not having a driver’s license at all. I have to go back to the teen/ beginner class and do the written test if I can’t get the road test done by my birthday. I can’t see myself passing that written test. I lucked out taking it in the US the first time. It was pretty simple and even then I didn’t pass with flying colours.

Life is frustrating right now and then you start your period. Oh goodie. At least I’m not totally depressed like I was last night. Should have known it was going to start when I was that down. So close to just getting up and leaving at work, last night. Just thinking about the car and license stuff… Payday is Friday. If I can I wonder if I could just buy something myself. Not sure how to do it at all. I’d have less than a thousand but it would be cash. I could do payments with someone other than Graham. After all, last thing he really seemed to say about it was that he would start looking again when the weather cleared up. And… it’s WINTER! When does that mean he is going to leave it till, spring thaw??? I will go insane long before then. I’m sure I will quit the job. I have spending so much on getting there and then not being able to do anything. Like being caught in a prison just cause I don’t want to spend so much on a taxi or freeze waiting for buses that always take half an hour to come no matter when you get to the bus stop.

I think I should just go for the coffee making now. Thinking about all this will keep me up anyway. Sleep is so over rated. I bet pirate smile is sleeping now…

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