Under it All

Nothing brilliant at the moment. I am just about to pick out which socks I will wear under my shoes today at work. Kind of nice to have underwear, socks and nightgowns you really like. It doesn’t matter how you feel about yourself cause you’re the only one who sees who you are when you wear your night wear and under clothes. That makes them kind of special, a personal adventure. Most of all it gives you the freedom to be creative without listening to any commentary from anyone else. (Unless you want it).

My sister was going to come by today with her kids. No sign of them and it is time for me to wait for the bus to get to work. Another day of trying not to have dead air and trying to have empathy, reassurance, recapping, additional assistance and offeringage of the survey. Is it just a co-coincidence that it reminds me of babysitting to read down that list.

Oh well. Another day another pay! Keep the end goal in mind.

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