Undead, More Like Predead

The coronavirus has personally devastated me though I have not been sick a day at all. While I was away, giving my brother and Mother their quarantine time I lost a lot of everything I personally valued in my life.

Some people, when they have trouble in their own life, focus on the lives and problems of others. Ignoring their own for awhile. I sometimes do this to myself. Focusing on small things and getting sidetracked from what I could or should be doing instead. But, I stick to self harm. I have noticed men tend to find someone else rather than harm themselves. Domestic violence has endless cases to offer proof of this. Though, women seem to be changing, as society changes and maybe it won’t be mainly men for long.

Anyway, there isn’t much point in writing about it, going over the details of what was done, what is gone or what I feel. The less I feel, the better. I can summarize it, for posterity, and say I feel that my life was cleaned out while I was still in it and people should really wait until you are actually dead before they get rid of your stuff.

I wasn’t really planning to write about this when I started posting. But, now I’ve lost track of whatever it was I had in mind.

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