Ubuntu Live, Windows Dead

On Thursday my computer began to slow to a crawl. After spending the day trying to work that way I decided to use the Acer recovery and my Windows reboot disk. I copied my files onto a DVD then began the process of recovery. I’ve done this twice before so wasn’t expecting anything much to happen. It takes some time and then more time to reinstall software. This time I could not get Windows to work. It said I had a corrupt or missing kernel.

After trying a few things, even tried using my old Windows ME CD cause that is a full version, I had to get help. I emailed Acer, the maker of my computer. I thought they would tell me where to get fresh recovery files in case mine had become corrupted. But no. Acer told me they don’t provide support for my computer, it is too old. It doesn’t seem old to me. I still feel this is “the new” computer compared to the IBM I had running for about 10 years before buying this Acer system. I would still be using that IBM if the Windows ME hadn’t become obsolete.

So I was not impressed with Acer. I tried looking at prices for new and refurbished computers. I looked at prices for buying a full version of Windows 7. It was not encouraging for my meager bank account.

I had half heartedly tried Ubuntu a few years ago. I gave up on it when I didn’t remember my password to login and was not really wanting to go through the time it takes to learn a new system and find out what works and what does not. So, in my time of frustration with Windows, I went back to Ubuntu. I had an old CD for Ubuntu 5 which did not work. It gave me an error as well. But, I went to the website and burned the latest Ubuntu to a DVD, just to try everything. It worked!

It is still working right now. I am writing this as a non-Windows person. It feels weird. I have used Windows since I began using my first computer when I worked for my Dad. That would have been… a lot of years ago! So it feels odd to know the computer I am using is not using Windows. It feels a bit like floating in space, weightless, in an endless night sky.

I know there are going to be trials ahead. I know none of my Windows software from the games to the practical things I have come to rely on will not work on Ubuntu. I may figure out how to get some of them working, as I get into Ubuntu and how it works. It really does not feel much different from Windows. Things are in different places on my desktop, but I could change that to be just like Windows. I won’t though.

My main concern right now is will my little scanner still work, I haven’t plugged it in yet. Also, once the scanner works, I will not have my old reliable, simple graphics program to resize and trim and prettify my drawings. So, I will have to learn Gimp or something else that works with Ubuntu. I’m not looking forward to that. I like my comfort zone. It’s nice and cosy and I know it works. I can’t think of other software I won’t be able to use right now. I know it is out there, lurking, later I will have a burst of memory and then remorse.

For now… my computer is working! So there Acer and MS Windows!

The Ubuntu ASCII Art came from a forum where someone had asked for an ASCII Art signature with the Ubuntu logo.

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