Type in Your Own Style

In writing we use fonts far more than we actually think about them. What font are you reading right now? Do you know for sure, me either. I could check the HTML and find out but I don’t need to. I know it’s working and it’s readable.

Still, there are endless fonts of every style imaginable. I hunt for fonts when I want to make a new banner or header. Sometimes I have a fairly good idea of roughly what I want. I can almost see it, the shape and size of the letters. Have you ever thought about making your own font? It’s really quite interesting, typography. Try drawing an alphabet, not writing the letters but drawing them.

Here are three links about making your own fonts in case you are more than just curious.

I Love Typography: So You Want to Create a Font

BitBox: How to Make a Hand Drawn Font

Chank: How to Make Your Own Fonts

Slate: You Type – The Strange Allure of Making Your Own Fonts

Last of all, you can use FontStruct to make your fonts. It is free web software. You can create your font and save it to use on Mac or Windows.

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