Twitter: Verified Accounts

Twitter is doing a Verified Account thing for celebrities using the service. Is this practical for them? Do they really want to be found? Some do I’m sure. I don’t think I would. I’d like to be able to talk to friends or just use it anonymously, not being spied on and judged for every least thing I type.

It is nice for people who want to follow celebrities. I admit, I did look up Keanu Reeves this past week. Didn’t find an account I thought really was his. But, how could you really know, unless it is verified. Keanu Reeves is likely to have an anonymous account, probably wouldn’t even use his full name. If he was even on Twitter at all.

If he is though… he could Twitter me for a little conversation.

Celebrities on Twitter. Try the link, beware, it’s kind of addicting and mind sucking. Like hearing a conversation at another table or three.

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