Twitter Tweets #30ThingsAboutMe

Twitter bares their soul with the hashtag #30ThingsAboutMe.

How far would you go with a post about yourself, something personal, on Twitter? I wouldn’t post this list to Twitter. Although I’ve posted personal thoughts before I wouldn’t want to make that many posts in a row there. Also, I do feel there is a line I won’t cross when it comes to how personal and in depth I want to go about myself, especially on Twitter.

Writing this list is like coming up with 30 diary entires. Short, but to the point.

So, here is my list:

  1. Soap operas turn themselves on my TV most afternoons.
  2. I have way too many books, non-fiction, which I haven’t read yet.
  3. I always thought I couldn’t draw, until I started to sketch and got better at it.
  4. I like cute socks and clever brooches.
  5. I haven’t had a bath since I was 30. I love showers.
  6. Rainy days make me want to get out for a walk outside.
  7. I drink tea when there isn’t coffee, usually just to be nice.
  8. I’m missing a tooth towards the back.
  9. I still have the Raggedy Ann doll my Mom made me.
  10. Blue might be my new favourite colour, I always thought it was red.
  11. Onions, especially raw, make me very sick.
  12. I prefer Winter to Summer because I don’t like being too hot.
  13. Wearing purple or red makes me feel better if I’m having a bad day.
  14. Growing up I always wanted to be a newspaper columnist.
  15. If my neck were longer I’d always wear dangling, sparkly, chandelier earrings.
  16. Buttermilk is possibly my favourite thing to drink.
  17. When I buy a new book I never get the first one in the stack.
  18. People who put other people down are a pet peeve of mine.
  19. Running Ubuntu Linux is great, but I miss my Windows games.
  20. I have asthma and I’m allergic to mildew, animals and other things.
  21. I like to sew, even mending clothes and hemming things.
  22. I taught myself to crochet and then forgot how to do it.
  23. I’m a hand washer. I am not afraid of soap and water, even in public.
  24. There really is no where I’d rather live than Ontario, Canada.
  25. I’d travel to Russia as my first stop of a world exploration tour.
  26. It wasn’t a dramatic event, but I stopped believing in god last year.
  27. I like to explore old, abandoned buildings and I’m not really sure why.
  28. People who claim they are easily bored really annoy me.
  29. I don’t like arrogance, even from people who are THAT great.
  30. When someone uses foul language, I think less of them.

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