Twitter Becoming Polluted

How do you use Twitter? Is it a social thing, a marketing campaign, a networking scheme or a blog promotion gimmick for you? Are you gathering followers to actually talk to people or just to increase the range of your self spamming?

I only follow people I actually do want to hear from or think are interesting. So I don’t have hundreds or thousands of people on my follow list. I don’t want a lot of people there. Too bad there isn’t a different Twitter for people who want to use it commercially. That way they could spam each other and those who want to actually be social could do so without needing a weed whacker.

It seems every time there is a social site set up it gets turned into the latest marketing game. Each site (from the old newsgroups to MyBlogLog) becomes a wasteland in turn. Polluted with commercials and marketing campaigns. When is it going to stop? Does everything have to be abused this way? Can’t people just find one place to spam their posts and leave a few unpolluted?

I am thinking to just dump my Twitter account. It was fun but I can see the writing on the wall for it now. The blog marketers are quick to defend their right to spam but no one seems to understand that people who want to avoid their marketing campaigns and gimmicks should have the right to do so too!

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