Turn Your Words into Link Bait

It’s all about offering extras, those little things that make one blog stand out from another. Give people something extra.

Take the information you want to write about and present it in a unique and interesting way.

  • Use a quiz as part of your post. Highlight information and confirm your message.
  • Give a widget with your RSS feed.
  • An infographic (becoming a trend) can give your information in a visual way.
  • A hand drawn post. Write it long hand, add some lettering, illustrations, etc and take a photograph you post to your blog.
  • A web comic is visual and uses humour.
  • Start a blog tour. Invite others to join and set a date for the tour.
  • Try a blogging marathon. Set up how often and how long you will post for.
  • Create avatars for readers based on their blogging personality.
  • Audio like a podcast people can listen to.
  • Video posts (though I’m not a fan of anything in a big, clunky file).
  • Turn your blog into the focal point of a community for people in your niche. Bring everyone together to talk.
  • An ebook. Turn your post into something that can be downloaded and read offline.
  • A mini directory post. Pull together all the great resources you can find and turn them into a directory of information.
  • A social web application or blog plugin, etc. For those who have (or get) the know how.
  • Create a (WordPress or other CMS) blog theme/ template and offer it for free.
  • Go with a little controversy. Debate the less popular side of a pro versus con.
  • Start an event. Like ProBlogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog.
  • Create a seasonal/ holiday web graphic (add text with best wishes/ seasons greetings) free for the taking.
  • Interview a popular blogger, someone well respected in your niche.
  • Run a contest. Make sure you have a prize worth winning and you get our winner to confirm they did get it.
  • Give out awards. Pick the ‘best of’ in your niche and create an award they can take from your site.
  • Promote another blogger, someone who inspired you or had valuable information.
  • Write a yearly round up with the best, most inspiring, etc. blog posts you’ve read in your niche.
  • Ask for information. Ask your readers to ask their friends/ readers/ followers too.
  • Write about how you solved a problem, step-by-step. Use illustrations.
  • Run a survey. Ask for feedback and opinions about your own site or the topic you write about.
  • Create an index of authorities in your niche and give links to each of them plus their Twitter  and RSS feed links.
  • Review a book or other product available. Pick something useful/ new to your readers.
  • Thank someone. Write a post thanking another blogger for something. Don’t stop at just one.

Small packages bring good things. Turn what began as a plain text blog post into a small, contained unit of information like a quiz, infographic, widget, web comic, web graphic or something else small and simple which can easily be shared through social media and links.

Wikipedia: Link Bait

Link bait is any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website. Matt Cutts defines link bait as anything “interesting enough to catch people’s attention.”


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