Trying the Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Laura

1. My own hair makes me itch.
2. Rainy days make me want to get outside.
3. When I get wet, I don’t melt. This proves I am not wicked.
4. I like being on the bus when you forget everyone else and just let your mind drift over the road as you speed along. You can’t do that when you’re driving.
5. I really am not all that fond of cold coffee though I drink a lot of it.
6. Moving really does suck, packing is about the same on the scale of suckage.
7. If I like to write why don’t I do more of that?
8. Procrastinating is an art. I call myself an artist.
9. I’m so tired today I am making really lame spelling and typing mistakes.
10. It’s getting really windy as well as rainy outside. I used to like that when I had longer hair. Short hair blows in your eyes a lot more than long hair does.
11. I don’t like music or TV and such on loud. It bugs me.
12. I am really hungry but don’t feel like rushing to nuke another can of soup.
13. I don’t believe 13 is an unlucky number.

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