Try the “I’m a Great Artist Spell” for NaNoWriMo

In the spirit of NaNoWriMo (beginning November 1st) and Halloween (today as of this posting) I bring you…

I’m a Great Artist Spell from “How to Turn your Ex-Boyfriend into a Toad and Other Spells” by Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray.

For this spell you will need: some peppermint tea, a mirror, a scarf made of natural materials and a red lipstick or crayon.

When you really understand what magic is built on – the fact that all energy is connected – then any time you’d like a shot of inspiration, you can try this spell. The best time to cast this spell is at 7:00 in the morning or evening.

Make the peppermint tea and breathe in the aroma for a moment or two. Put all the items of enchantment on a flat surface in front of the mirror, and seat yourself in a relaxed position where you can see your reflection.

Drape the scarf around your shoulders. Take the lipstick or crayon and draw a large circle on the mirror while you recite these words:

The circle is cast, only the good can enter herein.

Now write the name of the great artist you’d like to connect with, in the middle of the circle, and write your name underneath the artist’s name. Then look directly into the mirror and recite these words:

I will learn the secrets of the soul I am one with the eternal universe I am connected with all greatness and genius.

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