Transitions Posted for Red Room

I made my first post to the weekly blog prompt at Red Room. The topic is transitions:

Transitions, the word makes me feel on edge, a little desperate. Too many moves from town to town and one country to another. Too many changes from one job to another. Too many people met and missed. I’d like some stability. Something I can count on to be steady and reliable.

I don’t mind change, I cope with it. I deal with it. But I’m not getting used to it. I’m both older and wiser due to change and transition. In that way it’s not a bad thing.

This month I will be starting a new job. I will be meeting a new set of co-workers. I will be getting to know the policies of a new company. New changes bring new ideas, new inspiration and new choices.

Transitions are the road signs along our road trip through life. We read the signs and then leave them behind until the next sign comes along. Each transition lasts a blink of an eye but has the lasting impact of forever.

You can find the weekly blogging prompt at Red Room and give it a few words yourself.

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