Toronto Police Don’t Care

Over two weeks ago I sent an email to the police division in my area asking for advice about handling a man who crosses the line by touching and trying to kiss me in my home, against my wishes. There has been no reply. I was feeling pretty peeved about this as it does seem they could at least acknowledge me with a form mail. But nothing…

Tonight on the news is a woman going to court because her husband decided to take an axe and a hammer to her head and neck. She also made a report to her local police division, in Toronto, and was not given any help. Later she was attacked, very violently and managed to survive. The police gave her a formal apology which I doubt meant anything to them. She got some kind of money thrown at her too. Likely so she wouldn’t kick up a fuss.

You know how women are always nagging, bitching and complaining about something. The poor guy was just trying to assault me, what an annoying nag I am to bitch about that. No wonder the police ignored me. Their motto is to serve and protect. Not to listen to women always nagging about something trivial. Sheesh! Any woman in Toronto should know that she has to handle this herself. Get a plan, find something you can use to kill the bastard and find a really good place to dump the body. Make sure you leave no evidence behind. That would be really annoying cause the police would have to investigate, actually do something. Only in that case you (that bitch) would be arrested and tossed in jail. All your fault, it’s always your fault you nagging bitch.

Anyway, I’m really wondering why I didn’t get any kind of reply. Very disappointed in the Toronto police and in fact, I won’t bother them if something like that happens again. I will try to be aggressive myself and deal with it. Maybe I will be hurt in the process but at least I won’t have to bother the police. They have other things to do, manly things, helping men deal with life and such. We women are just not that important.

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