Today’s To-Do List

Today (this week)  I am working on:

  • Setting up a newsletter for the ASCII Art blog.
  • Deciding how to add ASCII art by others without merging with my own creations.
  • Thinking about a newsletter for Word Grrls. Looking at plugins and other practical stuff.
  • Exploring the options for selling art online.
  • Working through link rot on Word Grrls. Fixing and finding what I can.
  • Setting up One Word Blog Day with a page of it’s own.
  • Must find and mail a receipt for the Acer computer thing.
  • Need to pick up more coffee. I am drinking the last of it this morning.
  • Laundry, even though it is not the cheap time of day for it. Yes, I do feel a bit guilty and I will feel more guilty when I get the hydro bill.
  • A Valentine’s Day post for each blog. One with a paid link for lingerie. I’m not sure I will do paid posts again. But… someone has to pay the bills.
  • Two hours of writing as per the 90 Day Plan.
  • Should go to the coffee night group tonight, especially when it is Valentine’s Day.
  • Starting a St. Patrick’s Day ASCII Art post for Hubpages.
  • Check the usual places for any interesting freelance work that might pop up.
  • Look for post ideas to be rewritten for HubPages.


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