Today’s Little Fantasy

I’ll tell you a secret. The only other person on the planet who knows about any of this is of course, Keanu Reeves, cause he was there.

Today while I was waiting for the coffee water to boil, Keanu dropped by. He finally read that series of erotic stories I wrote about him and he just wanted to verify a few things. He was amazed that I knew him so well, his likes and his need to be tied up and kidnapped by a strange (fellow Canadian) woman. (Just in case you wanted to know, Keanu and I were born in the same year, though he’s older, don’t rub it in and make him feel bad).

So, Keanu invited me to attend the next Oscar bash with him down there in the US. I said I don’t have anything to wear, though I have an idea for a really great dress. I’d have to starve a few months to be Hollywood thin and there’s a good chance I’d die before getting skeletal enough, but… it’s a date with Keanu.

I created my dress, while waiting for that watched pot to boil. It was long, slinky and red, with a print of dragon scales. It would be backless so I could show off the huge dragon tattoo across my back and along my arms. Not one of those gaudy things, just something creative and discreet, yet somewhat shocking. Keanu loved my sketch.

But, he had to leave before the coffee was ready. Too bad, it was a Christmas blend, very good.

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