Today in Soap Opera Land

I’m watching the soap operas today. Some I never got watching before but was too busy with other things to change the channel. Some I watch sporadically. I don’t know which are the popular soaps in the ratings and which get the most viewers.

One of them has actors that have grown old on the soap. Now, it’s great to have them around, still having a storyline. But, it is a bit too geriatric to have them as the major stars still, crowding out the storylines of the younger people. Not that the older generation has no stories. But it is the younger generations who are more active with career, marriage, having children and juggling it all. If not featured, they should be at least balanced out with the older generation.

Another thing, the one that annoyed me, was the young woman with a career and supposedly a brain, could not make dinner. She had a recipe to follow and yet when the guy comes in she is all aflutter with flour in her hair, the dinner mucked up and etc. Now, this is an intelligent woman. Is she pretending to be a ditz? Is she really just this incompetent? Or have the writers gone too far on an old fashioned stereotype? I think it’s the last one. I think the writers need to change their attitude about women. We can be pretty, fashionable and clever too. We can even read and use a recipe to cook dinner or bake a cake.

So that is my take on the soap operas today. Have you watched any lately?

Originally posted to :  PNN is closing at the end of January, 2011. Another social site bites the dust. For all the people online there just aren’t enough to support all the social sites that keep trying to live and thrive.

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