Tired of Covid Vax Fanatics

The government, the media, and people who have had the “covid vaccine” continue to harass/ coerce/ force people to get the vax.

Vax is a good name for it, saves me typing out “vaccine” or “the vaccine”. I don’t believe it is a vaccine. The description of a vaccine had to be changed so this covid vax could qualify. It is actually gene therapy. Vaxxers have compared it to the polio vaccine. Saying we have all had vaccinations and records of vaccinations all our lives. There are two things about that which they seem to ignore.

One, how many cases of polio have you heard reported today… this week… last month… any time the last dozen years? The media has not gone out of their way to keep polio updates round the clock. Probably because the polio vaccine does work at preventing polio and there are far too few cases to make much of a news report about.

Read about the Spanish Influenza, and that vaccine that didn’t work well. But the media isn’t talking about that. Or, the experiments and drugs given to Jewish prisoners during the Second World War, against their wishes. Laws were created to prevent that from happening again but governments and vaxxers seem to ignore those.

Second, our health records should be private and personal. It should not be something you are forced to keep and present at a restaurant, a retail store, the movie theatre, or anywhere else. It is in your file with your doctor and can be accessed by medical professionals when you consent to allow them to see the information. We have (had) privacy laws in Canada.

Why is the media obsessed with this? It’s like the reporting done during the OJ Simpson trial. Continuous hammering about covid statistics and vax statistics. Real news is swept aside so they can focus on covid and vax information we have already heard. Reports about how great masks are. (They are not, it is unhealthy to continually re-breathe air and people have accidents because they can not see where they are walking in front of themselves). Reports about cases and almost gleeful reports about an actual death to further promote their cause. Reports about hospitals being swamped with cases and yet, if you test positive you are sent home, not to a hospital.

Now they complain that people without the vax are filling the hospitals because they suddenly caught covid and began to die. That doesn’t even make sense. Especially when you read their own statistics which show there are not that much difference in cases of covid, with or without the vax. So this vax does not in fact seem very effective. Certainly not like the polio, measles, diphtheria, or rubella vaccines which I have had vaccines for and never got.

Also, there used to be laws about people choosing to have medical care, or not. Why are all those rights now thrown out? Why are we being hammered about getting this vaxxine and told they take no responsibility for side effects, reactions, or deaths? Is that even legal if we don’t really have a choice about getting it?

Masses of people are NOT dying from covid. Many of the deaths they say are covid, are not. Some did not even test positive for covid, but their death was written off as covid. Or, they say covid related. What does that actually mean? Suicide due to depression and anxiety about lockdowns, restrictions, and media propaganda? Stress due to businesses failing because the government would not allow them to be open for months and now has set up another restriction, almost 2 years from the start of this mess. Covid related is a sad phrase that can be passed off for any death one way or another.

In almost 2 years since this was started, I have not been tested for covid. I have not had covid symptoms. But, the government and media need people to keep getting tested. They need a lot of tests so they can find covid cases to report, not just a couple from people who actually are sick but every last/ least case they can scrounge up. The more tests they can push on people the more chance they will find a few who test positive, symptoms don’t matter. (Did you know, the man who created this test did not intend it to be used this way. He has said it is ineffective and will tend to give incorrect results). Although the vaxxers want to believe anyone unvaxxed will be rushed to the hospital and possibly die… it just isn’t happening.

If you, someone in your family, a neighbour, a co-worker, or someone you heard about, can’t get medical care like a surgery, stop blaming it on people who don’t want the vax. We are not clogging up the hospitals. It may be that medical staff chose not to get the vax and are now not allowed to work. So, the hospital is under staffed, not over stuffed with covid patients. Also, people not being able to get medical care is far from a new issue. There have been long wait times long before covid and vaxxinations were held up as an excuse.

Here, in Ontario, people are being forced to get the vax in order to keep their job. Not just medical related jobs, almost any and all jobs. Wearing masks for two years, quarantines, social distancing and isolation, sterilizing and sanitizing, coating everything in plexiglass just isn’t enough for some reason. Why? Why didn’t anything like this happen when AIDs came along, or the flesh eating bacteria? Why were we told not to panic then but hammered with panic mongering now?

The news reports fluctuating numbers when it comes to tallies of vaxxinations. I have heard Ontario is 90% vaxxinated and 70% vaxxinated on the same day. That’s not possible, the math doesn’t work. But, if most people have had a vax shot, why isn’t that enough? Why are people who have had covid, and developed natural immunities, still forced to get two (or more with boosters expected soon) shots of this stuff?

I’m so fed up with the government and media pushing this and claiming it is very safe and effective when it really is not either of those things. Actually, if you read it they say “vaccines are very safe and effective”.  Not this vaxxine in particular, though the context is supposed to be about the vaxxine, not all vaccines. The vaxxine is an experimental drug which they don’t seem to want any kind of control group for. I learned about the scientific method, placebos, and control groups in high school. If they force everyone to get this drug, there is no control group. Is that the idea? No one will be able to say for sure that the vax is making people sick because there aren’t enough unvaxxed people to compare results with.

I REALLY do not want this vax and I feel safer without it. I have had bad reactions to other drugs so I prefer to choose which drugs I take a chance on. I have allergies, asthma, diabetes and I don’t believe this new drug is safe for me.

If having the vax yourself isn’t enough for you, then why did you get it? Leave me out of your vax panic.

Why is Ontario breaking our laws for this drug?

What will be left when they finally admit this is a virus/ disease like so many others and not really a big deal at all. I don’t see people dropping in the streets. I don’t see a lot more funerals and obituaries than any other year. There is not a huge spike in the number of deaths around the world. Rates of death did not skyrocket in 2020 or 2021. People do die from all kinds of causes, if that is news to you… I’m sorry.

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