Tiny Bright Neon Purple People

There is a mysterious bright neon purple stain on your kitchen floor. It’s not jam or anything else you can think of. Very weird. You try to clean it up but as you wipe the stain just spreads, growing larger and wider over your floor. Getting up with the idea of trying vinegar or something else to clean it up you slip a little and fall into the middle of the stain. Oddly enough you sink through the floor, down through the basement and a ton of rocks, soil and assorted plant and animal life. When you stop you are in an underground cavern. There are thousands of very small bright neon purple creatures all over the place. Each of them are staring at you and none of them look very friendly.

“Trespasser!” They begin chanting. The chant gets louder as they repeat it. Covering your ears isn’t enough to block out the noise as it begins to pound and vibrate inside your head.

You wake up in a tiny bright neon purple room. The colour is so bright it hurts your eyes.

There’s a bright neon purple person at the door, locking it. Keeping you trapped in this tiny bright neon purple world.

How can you escape?

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