Time Travel

If you could invent (or borrow one already invented) a time machine where would you go? Would you choose to stay or just do the tourist/ site seeing stuff and come back?

For practical reasons I can’t see myself as more than a tourist in the past. I think I’d die off pretty quick without asthma and allergy medications which I have here. Not that I’m dependent on them but I wouldn’t want to be totally without them.

But, what if you went into the future, the vast unknown. Well, no one knows, do we? I think that would be more interesting. If I had a time machine I would want to look ahead and see everything I’ll be missing by being dead.

I would not want to live forever, a husk of a woman just clinging to life like some parasite, but I’d love to know what comes along. What inventions are created and what life will become for people in time.

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