Time to Defriend the Social Network Clutter

…it’s very dangerous for companies to get involved on social networks unless they can guarantee a meaningful conversation.

via Time to cut the Facebook and Twitter clutter, says AOL’s ‘digital prophet’ | Media | guardian.co.uk.

I very much agree with the points in this post. I have already given up on using Facebook for anything, other than drivel and family members who pass me notes instead of using email. I do like Twitter but I am cautious about who I choose to follow and especially careful about those I follow back.

I’ve been doing the same with email. I have deleted at least 20 email newsletters in the past few months. I know I signed up for them. We get asked to subscribe to endless newsletters and lists. It’s easy to just say yes at the time and doesn’t seem like a big deal to add one more newsletter when they only come out once a month, once a week, or now and then. They add up and they clutter up your email inbox, quickly.

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