Time Skipping Clock

Great Aunt Emma gives you her time skipping clock. The rest of the estate passes to other relations. You were hoping to get something more valuable than a clock. The lawyer hands you a note from Great Aunt Emma along with the clock which looks like an old brass alarm clock. Maybe it’s at least an antique.

When you get home and actually sit down to get a better look at the clock and read the note you’re very surprised to find the clock is a time travel device. You can travel back or forward in time by one day. Only one day from the day you are in now. But, you have to pick back or forwards and stick to that. So you can relive a really great day or skip ahead and see what happens tomorrow. However, the current day will be lost to you as you are literally not in it when you are skipping one day back or one day forward.

Which do you pick? One day ahead, one day back or do you not use it at all, preferring to live each day and not miss any?

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