Thursday Thirteen #9: Kingdom of Loathing

Thirteen things I like about playing Kingdom of Loathing– KoL.

1. The stick figure drawings.

canadianspirit2. Every now and then you find something Canadian.

3. The weird humour. You have to play to read it.

4. It’s free, right in my price range. Though I’m looking into making a donation.

5. It’s an RPG. I always did like the choose your own adventure type of games. Still play a few of them on the computer, city building mainly but an RPG as well.

kolcolossalcloset6. Who wouldn’t like having a colossal closet, even if it’s fictional?

7. My friend ADeadHeart is there. Don’t say the c-word when you listen to her DJ at KoL Radio.

8. KoL Radio. If you have not experienced live radio alongside live chat you should try it, soon.

9. There are all kinds of really odd bits of equipment and some of them are edible.

10. It’s not a game for those Grammar Queen types or those easily scared off by typos. No perfectionists could survive long in this game.

11. The currency of the game is meat!

12. It’s always nice to find a group of fellow flakes to belong to.

koldragongrrl13. I get my own character.

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