Thursday Thirteen #4: Car is Me

Thirteen reasons to have a car:

1. Support the insurance and banking industries so they can keep building skyscrapers to support the construction industry.

2. Road trips!

3. The smell of gas as you fill the tank.

4. Avoiding waiting outside for buses that are always late and later.

5. Those little mirrors are really good for plucking eyebrows and those irritating facial hairs we don’t admit we get.

6. You’re not a vulnerable, squishy pedestrian.

7. You get your picture on a license.

8. You can pack a lot more shopping into a car than you can carry on the bus.

9. You can take a lot of junk out of your purse and stash it in your car instead.

10. The radio sounds better when you’re driving.

11. At night you can pretend you’re famous and stand in the beam of your headlights. (Like I’m really the only one who has done that!)

12. If you run away from home (or need some other quick get away) you don’t have to stick around waiting for the bus.

13. It gives you something to put all those bumper stickers on.

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