Thursday 13 #11:Long Hair is a Good Thing

The Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons to have long hair…

1. It keeps the back of your neck warm.

2. You can always do a Rapunzel if you’re stuck in a tower or something.

3. It gives you something to do with your hands when you’re stuck waiting for a bus, trying to quit smoking or just want to twirl your hair for no good reason.

4. You’ll seldom be mistaken for a boy/ man.

5. If you get stranded on a deserted island you can always pull out a strand of hair and go fishing.

6. It works to drive your ex-husband crazy (or at least annoyed) long after you have moved on your hair still keeps clogging up his vacuum cleaner.

7. If you’re kind of kinky… you can swat flies with it, just like a horse.

8. If you’re out somewhere fancy and lose a button you only need a needle to sew it back on.

9. You’re saving all that hair from just being stuck in some landfill or other.

10. When you really want to be alone you come equipped with your own curtain to close off the world.

11. It gives school children (those little sweethearts) a place to put their gum.

12. Pile it up on top of your head and you can always claim to have something on your mind.

13. The all you can eat buffet, a few napkins and well placed bobby pins and you’ve got enough for lunch the rest of the week.

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