Thinking Happy Thoughts

I can’t keep denying it, I’ve got a cold. It seems to be in my throat of all places. Work won’t be so fun if I keep coughing like this. At least my period finished.

I’m working 9:00 – 3:00 tomorrow. I think I will miss Sarah’s baby shower. Her in-law family have arranged it all. The only thing I needed to do is show up. I was all set to enjoy just showing up and seeing how they do a shower. But, now I’m going to miss all or most of it. I would like to come over for the last hour but I’ve been so tired after work that I don’t even want to put my feet on the gas to get the car going anywhere right away. So, I’ve been debating with myself, trying to decide if I should send an email letting the hostess know I might make it or should I just get out of denial and admit to both of us that I won’t make it for the shower. I do want to go too. I just don’t think I will still want to go as much after six hours of walking around being nice and trying not to cough on everyone.

Oh well, that’s standard. Life gets in the way of itself all the time.

I am liking the job, did I already say that? I like helping people and so far there has only been one grumpy customer. Most people say they don’t need help but about half of them pause and then ask me about something. I really liked Friday when I found a lady a pair of exactly the pants she wanted for half the price she said she was willing to pay for them. She was impressed. 🙂

The car is getting more cracked. While I was driving around on Thursday I heard a little noise and looked at just the right time to see the crack in my front window grow another inch or so. I hope it lasts until Spring. If it gets right from the bottom to the top or sides will the whole thing fall apart? Definitely not a happy thought.

I watched Robot Wars on TV tonight. It was great. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Best of all was the comraderie between the players. They hammed it up a bit but overall they were cheering for each other even though they would like to have their creation win, of course. The big winner of the show was a bot called Pussycat. I’ll watch again, if I happen to see it in the TV listings.

Almost time for me to shower and hop into bed. Last night I went to bed early and this morning I was up by 7:00, just in time for getting ready for work. But, I had the day off. Not so for tomorrow morning. I need to buy an alarm clock. The clock radio I bought it supposed to have one but it isn’t going off. Kind of an essential thing for an alarm clock.

BackWash isn’t working this afternoon or evening. I hope it isn’t being hacked or something worse. The main page is not coming up at all. I’ve never seen that happen before. I did update Kids BackWash, that works. But, it has a different domain.

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