The Word Grrls Blogroll: For Women Who Write or Just Have Something to Say

I’ve been wondering what to do with the Word Grrls blog. I’ve been feeding it with articles, newsletters and bits of blog posts I made in the past on several different sites I wrote for. It has come down to the last couple of oldies now so it is time to come to a decision about where it will go next.

I have decided I want it to be something to inspire and encourage other writers. Not just writers though. Anyone who creates something of their own online and that includes (especially includes!) personal websites. I think they are becoming an endangered species with so many splogs infesting the web.

So the Word Grrls blog will become something interactive geared to indie publishers, bloggers, writers and personal websites. I’m going to have a weekly post (as I have been doing) but they will link to those who take up the challenge. Also, those who do join the activities will be included in a blogroll.

If you would like to join the blogroll leave a comment here. Add a link to your blog and be prepared to try a writing exercise on Monday.

Good luck to us all!

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