The Wonders of the Human Body Over 50

I sprained my ankle. I spent the day at home, I didn’t do anything more than sit at my desk, writing and making dinner, etc. Nothing strenuous and no accidents. At some point I noticed my foot was sore. After spending time playing cards with my Mom I had to gimp around because my ankle was severely unhappy every time my foot moved. So, how did I possibly sprain my ankle, doing nothing? It is very weird.

I bought a tensor bandage. Amazing how much harder it was to wrap that around my own foot now that I’m not 20-something. But, I got it done. That helped, the bandage I mean. There is no help for being over 50 and a long way from skinny.

Today is day three. It only hurts when I try to move my ankle. My Mother gave me one of her canes. I’m not getting the hang of it. Might be because I just don’t want to.

Vanity goeth before the fall. All too likely to be literal in this case.

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