The Weight of Rules

I’m not a great lover of rules. Having more than just a few, which make good sense, aggravates me.  I’ve noticed that with children these days there are endless rules. Rules about what you can bring to school in your lunch, rules about how they have to be strapped into the car, rules about what they do when they are sick… it’s like a prison of rules. Would all of that stop you from having kids, if you were still in the position to decide? It would make me think twice. Yes, the rules are created for the betterment of children, their safety and so on. But, there are rules stepping over each other in their hurry to swamp you, as a parent. Is it too much? Why were kids from just 30 years ago less rule polluted? Car seats were a novelty, not a law. You could bring peanut butter to school and the jam too! Why are kids today wrapped up so tightly in cotton batten and rules?

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