The Week Behind

We had no furnace for almost a week. A chilly adventure. It’s fixed now, the house didn’t even take very long to warm up. The men were here most of the work day installing a new furnace and the new hot water tank which was required because the old one wouldn’t work with the new furnace. (I blame it on computer software).

Then, when it all seemed OK and the men had left in their  truck, the thermostat wouldn’t work. The heat started going down again and I could not turn it up. So, some phone calls, then one of the men came back. He looked it over and installed a new simple thermostat which doesn’t have PeakSaver (the fatal flaw which kept it from heating up the house). So a bit of complications, construction and now the house feels like a place fit for human habitation again.

I didn’t feel much like writing when my hands were frozen and the rest of me was cowering under blankets. But, I did sew. There’s some irony in there, somewhere. I’ve set myself to make seven Christmas stockings. I want to get them done in time. I also want them to look nice, maybe even clever.

So that’s how my week has been going.

What would you write about your own week, if you were to write a short note about your week on impulse and without any planning ahead?

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